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BagamCadet's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 315 (From 73 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 5,410 Points

A Ghostly Journey

Grave Yard Shift Unlocked 3/15/14
25 Points
Left the grave yard
Credits 5 Points viewed the credits
Back Outside 25 Points Left the castle
Churchgoer 25 Points Completed all church levels
City Slicker 50 Points Reached the City
Code Breaker 100 Points cracked the code on level 25
Home Sweet Home 100 Points Completed the story
Set Them Free 100 Points Freed all the lost souls

Medals Earned: 1/8 (25/430 points)

Berzerk Ball 2

Adrian Unlocked 12/28/12
5 Points
Get 6 Challenge Medals.
One small step for a geek... Unlocked 12/27/12
5 Points
Reach 40,000 Distance.
Total Noob Unlocked 12/27/12
5 Points
Get your team to level 5.
What's the hurry? Unlocked 12/27/12
5 Points
Reach 400 Speed.
Major League Unlocked 12/28/12
10 Points
Reach 100,000 Distance.
Regular Noob Unlocked 12/27/12
10 Points
Get your team to level 10.
Turbo Nerd Unlocked 12/28/12
10 Points
Reach 600 Speed.
Col. Mustard Unlocked 12/27/12
25 Points
[?], [?], [?], [?], Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start...
Fat and Furious Unlocked 12/28/12
25 Points
Reach 700 Speed.
Homerunesque Unlocked 12/28/12
25 Points
Reach 200,000 Distance.
Still a little Noobish Unlocked 12/28/12
25 Points
Get your team to level 15.
Not a Noob anymore...almost Unlocked 12/28/12
50 Points
Get your team to level 20
Appolo 10 Points Get 9 Challenge Medals.
Drago 25 Points Get 12 Challenge Medals.
Hercule Poirot 25 Points One is Silver and the other's Gold...
Lt. Colombo 25 Points Geek ain't no dev'...
Sherlock Holmes 25 Points Girls around the world...
Theo Kojak 25 Points Rough way back...
Rocky 50 Points Get 15 Challenge Medals
So far, so Geek 50 Points Reach 350,000 Distance.
What just passed by? 50 Points Reach 800 Speed.
Alright, you're good...Damn Cheater! 100 Points Get your team to level 25.
It's a bird...It's a Plane...It's PWNED!!! 100 Points Reach 500,000 Distance.
TCB in a Flash 100 Points Reach 900 Speed.
Tiger whom Rocky has the eye of 100 Points Get 18 Challenge Medals.

Medals Earned: 12/25 (200/885 points)

Black Asylum

Good Eye! Unlocked 6/24/19
10 Points
Good Eye!
Sneaky! 10 Points Sneaky!
Puzzled 25 Points Puzzled
Escape! 50 Points Escape!
Savior 50 Points Savior

Medals Earned: 1/5 (10/145 points)

Bound Below

Possessed Unlocked 11/7/17
5 Points
watching, waiting
Apologetic 10 Points with open arms
Apprehensive 50 Points reluctant advance
Midnight 50 Points refusal of fate
Bound 100 Points cry for freedom
Desperate 100 Points desperation
Manic 100 Points tangled web
Dawn Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/8 (5/465 points)

Caesar's Day Off

Et Tu, Brute?* Unlocked 1/12/13
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
I hate myself and I want to die. Unlocked 1/12/13
25 Points
Pity Party Unlocked 1/12/13
25 Points
Roman Partytime! Unlocked 1/12/13
25 Points
Caesar knows the score! Accumulate all party people.

Medals Earned: 4/4 (100/100 points)

Castle Crashing the Beard

Whiskered Away Unlocked 12/21/12
5 Points
Level Up once.
Fabulous! Unlocked 1/11/13
25 Points
Reach the maxed out level.
Graven Image Unlocked 1/11/13
25 Points
Win without hitting a gravestone.
Power Razor Unlocked 1/11/13
25 Points
Win without losing a life.
The Fast and the Furriest Unlocked 1/11/13
25 Points
Defeat The Beard in less than 4 minutes (8160 frames)
Beat to a Fulp Unlocked 1/11/13
50 Points
Defeat The Beard

Medals Earned: 6/6 (155/155 points)

Cloud Wars - Sunny Day

Guerilla Tactics Unlocked 3/27/13
5 Points
Overtake 1 Orange Cloud
Lightning Blast Unlocked 3/27/13
5 Points
Upgrade Lightning 1x
Hydroblast Unlocked 3/27/13
10 Points
Upgrade Rain 5x
Violent Eruption Unlocked 3/27/13
10 Points
Overtake 5 Purple Clouds
King of the Skies Unlocked 3/27/13
50 Points
Complete Medium Mode
King of the Meek 25 Points Complete Easy Mode
Battle Frenzy 50 Points Overtake 25 Green Clouds
Solar Blast 50 Points Upgrade Sun 25x
King of the World 100 Points Complete Hard Mode

Medals Earned: 5/9 (80/305 points)

Cowboys Vs Pirates

Eat Lead Unlocked 1/4/13
5 Points
Kill 100 pirates
What The Hell Is That Unlocked 1/4/13
5 Points
Complete Wave 1
Dead, Now Buried Unlocked 1/4/13
10 Points
Kill 250 pirates
It's A Trap Unlocked 1/4/13
10 Points
Complete Wave 8
Darn, I'm Good Unlocked 1/4/13
25 Points
Kill 500 pirates
See Ya Later Loser Unlocked 1/4/13
50 Points
Kill 1000 pirates
Rawhides And Soreheads 25 Points Complete Wave 16
Rootin' Tootin' Dead 50 Points Complete Wave 24
A Quiet Drink 100 Points Complete Wave 32
Don't Mess With Harry 100 Points Kill 10000 pirates

Medals Earned: 6/10 (105/380 points)

Crystal Story II

First! Unlocked 2/10/14
5 Points
Win your first battle!
Chapter I 5 Points Completed Chapter I
Cursed Dagger 5 Points Used Lina's Cursed Dagger
Dragon's Roar 5 Points Used D's Dragon's Roar
Guardian Crystal 5 Points Completed Guardian tree
Healer Crystal 5 Points Completed Healer tree
Mage Crystal 5 Points Completed Mage tree
Rend 5 Points Used Kaz's Rend
Slayers Crystal 5 Points Completed Slayer tree
Snipe 5 Points Used Mari's Snipe
Thief Crystal 5 Points Completed Thief tree
Trickster Crystal 5 Points Completed Trickster tree
Chapter II 10 Points Completed Chapter II
Chapter III 10 Points Completed Chapter III
Chapter IV 10 Points Completed Chapter IV
Defense 10 Points Complete all Defense quests
Dragon's Breath 10 Points Used D's Dragon's Breath
Fishing 10 Points Fished all Rares
Hackpicker 10 Points Hackpicked all locked chests
Hurricane 10 Points Used Kaz's Hurricane
Lucky Strike 10 Points Used Lina's Lucky Strike
Magic Bullet 10 Points Used Mari's Magic Bullet
Mercenary Defense 10 Points Completed Mercenary Defense
Slime Tamer 10 Points Achieved Pet level 10
Snowboard Extreme! 10 Points Get gold on track 3 of Snowboard Extreme
Wanted 10 Points Completed all Wanted quests
Bestiary 25 Points Completed the Bestiary
Chapter V 25 Points Completed Chapter V
Cyclone Dance 25 Points Used Lina's Cyclone Dance
Death's Gate 25 Points Used Kaz's Death's Gate
Doom Bringer 25 Points Clear out Doom Lair
Dragon's Rage 25 Points Used D's Dragon's Rage
Giant Killer 25 Points Clear out Giant Land
Scavenger 25 Points Clear out the Sunken Ruins
Trigger Happy 25 Points Used Mari's Trigger Happy
Wanted X 25 Points Completed all Wanted X quests
Warden 25 Points Clear out Lao Prison
Generic Quest Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/38 (5/500 points)


Guardians Unlocked 8/9/13
5 Points
Defeat the Footie Twins
Heavy Weapons Unlocked 8/9/13
5 Points
Defeat Battbot
Monkey Biz Unlocked 8/9/13
5 Points
Defeat Ootkey
Bad Transit Unlocked 8/9/13
10 Points
Defeat TRN-1
Freeroes 25 Points Get Secret Ending
Kaminari Ninja 25 Points Defeat Raijinmaru
Patricide 25 Points Defeat creator of Dadgame
Story Easy 25 Points Beat Story Mode on Easy, Normal, or Hard
Story Hard 25 Points Beat Story Mode on Hard
Story Normal 25 Points Beat Story Mode on Normal or Hard
WSW Tribute 25 Points Defeat Final Weapon
Cheating Death 50 Points Defeat Mecha-Death
Debugger 50 Points Defeat Phantom
Presto! 50 Points Beat Boss Battles on HARD
Tower Offender 50 Points Beat Tower of Destiny on HARD
Dadgamer 100 Points 100% Completion

Medals Earned: 4/16 (25/500 points)