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Great timing and good work with the very subtle animation. Rarely do I see animators who know how to work like this.

Solid animation, voice acting, editing, story timing, jokes...
Really I don't have anything to say.

Keep it up!

What am I seeing here exactly? I don't understand this movie. It feels like it's suffering from a severe case of "student animation film".

There are two people standing on a bridge. The woman acts like she wants to tell the man something. Car shows up, shoots the man and then the women dangles after the car. What?

What did you want to show the audience?

The animation and art is not good either. So I can't just ignore what's going on in the film and try to just enjoy the visuals.

Sorry but they got to start teaching students how to actually WORK and make a film, not some random action on a screen.

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I don't think this guy ever had a job interview...

Graphics are very good. Presentation wise this game is very well done.

The music loop gets really annoying after a while, maybe add a different track for between the waves? or perhaps a more intense one for when they get close to the buttom of the barricade?

As for the gameplay, it's very easy and repetitive. After you get one of the automatic weapons you just use it with a survivor to load your other weapon between bursts with and it's GG.
Melee guys are worthless, I never had a zombie come anywhere near the bombsites let alone the buttom barricade.

Maybe if you were to add more enemies? like tank zombies from left for dead? anyway to make the game harder and less repetitive.

I beat your game. Auto clicker software FTW.

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Great work.
Chairs on the right side are out of prespective though.

Great work on the lines but the nose seems short and stubby for an alligator.

But that tree in the middle is on top of a tree it should be behind.

Sev4 responds:

Indeed! Didn't see that one ^^"

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